Farm Fresh Makes Your Keto Meal Plan Easy

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If you’ve been on the fence about going keto – this post is your sign to go for it! Farm Fresh Meals makes it so simple with customized keto meal plans and you’ll wonder what took you so long to hop on the train to better health.

Perhaps you've heard of keto or know people who’ve dropped a significant amount of excess weight with the diet. But maybe you aren’t exactly sure what it is, how you should eat, or what the benefits are. Let’s talk about the keto diet and how you can customize a keto meal plan with Farm Fresh Meals.

What is the Keto diet plan?

The keto (or ketogenic) weight loss plan is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many substantial health benefits. The plan doesn’t cut all carbs but focuses on cutting out sugar, white bread, pastries, soda, and other food that give you fast energy but fizzles out quickly.

Cutting carbs and replacing them with fat puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. While in this state, the body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for sustained energy. The process of ketosis will take between three and four days to begin and often results in quick weight loss progress. There are many other potential health benefits as well.

With a keto plan, carbs are typically limited to no more than 50 grams per day (that's less than what's in a medium plain bagel). 

You should also note that the keto diet plan is not for prolonged or healthy dieting. Instead, it’s a short-term plan for what are typically quick results.

How can you customize your Keto meal plan with Farm Fresh?

Does a keto plan sound a little confusing? Don’t worry! Farm Fresh can help take the guesswork out of the keto meal plan so you can reap the benefits without worry. Ensuring you’re eating high-quality, fresh, local foods from a source you can trust will optimize your results.

Many people will abandon a healthy eating plan, even if they feel great and see results, simply because it gets too hard. We’re all busy, and it’s time-consuming to shop, source, and create meals that meet dietary requirements and don’t take a lot of time to prepare.

At Farm Fresh Meals, we make things simple. We do all the work for you. You tell us what you like, don’t like, and we’ll customize delicious healthy meals and deliver them straight to your door.

Fresh, whole foods fuel your body. They give you the nutrition you need to stay healthy and keep moving. That’s why Farm Fresh Meals is committed to creating nutritious, healthy meals using only the freshest ingredients that come from local farms.  

Of course, as with any diet, it's always good advice to consult with your physician before you begin.

Then, when you're ready to start, we invite you to learn how to effortlessly customize your keto meal plan with Farm Fresh Meals so you can begin living your best life!