What Is the Keto Diet Plan?

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The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle often brings up topics related to nutrition and diet, particularly conversations centered around weight loss. It seems that every year there are new fad diets and trends that promise miracle weight loss at a rapid pace. Only a few diets seem to stand the test of time, remaining year after year with new optimism. The diets that seem to remain are those focused on truth and sound science. One such diet is the Keto Diet.

Understanding the Plan

The keto or ketogenic weight loss plan consists of a low-carb diet, meaning that the primary focus is on fat and protein rather than carbohydrates. The main carbs the plan aims to cut out are sugar, white bread, pastries, soda, and others that are easier to digest.

The objective is to restrict your carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day, essentially stripping your body of the fuel it can burn through quickly, and forcing it to burn through protein and fat for energy instead. While this process, ketosis, will take between three and four days to begin, it often results in quick weight loss progress.

The primary drawback to using the Keto Diet is its limited benefits. The diet plan is not for prolonged or healthy dieting. It is a short term plan for somewhat quick results.

Interested Persons

The Keto Diet is not for everyone. The people who will benefit most from a ketogenic plan are those looking to lose weight. However, there is evidence to suggest that the diet can help people manage epilepsy. There are some suggestions that the diet can also help those struggling with acne, certain brain disorder, and heart disease, but more research is needed before such claims can be made with confidence.

If you chose the Keto Diet for weight loss, you will probably see more results in the first six months than if you were on another diet. The theory is that protein and fat take more calories to burn than carbs, but there is also speculation that a high protein and fat diet is more satisfying leading to a smaller appetite.

Ketogenic Diet and Exercise

Exercise requires enormous amounts of energy, especially endurance activities, like running or cycling. A ketogenic diet can help athletes perform longer and train harder because their energy stores will not burn off as easily when eating a diet high in carbohydrates. Also, the Keto Diet increases the muscle-to-fat ratio which helps to increase oxygen production in the blood, allowing your muscles and body to function more efficiently.

Side Effects

For most Keto subscribers, the diet might result in some minor side effects, like indigestion, low blood sugar, and constipation. In some cases, users of this diet can come down with acidosis or kidney stones. Some of the even rarer side effects might include fatigue, irritability, weakness, and headaches.

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