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Set up a custom meal plan with your delivery and dietary preferences to keep nutritious and delicious meals coming. The more meals you order, the more money you save!

How It Works

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Subscription customers fill out a short questionnaire to customize thier meal & delivery experience.


Our meal prep service conveniently delivers twice weekly on Mondays & Thursdays by around 8am in North County San Diego, by 10am throughout the rest of San Diego County, and by 12pm in Orange County.


Warm our fully-cooked meals and enjoy fresh food made with local ingredients.

Subscription FAQs

Select how many meals you'd like delivered each week, and whether you'd like them all delivered on Monday, all on Thursday, or half your meals delivered on each day (the more meals you order the more you save).

You will be charged the same amount each week for the same number of meals delivered on the same days..." add:  until you pause, cancel or change your subscription (see "manage my subscription" below).

No. You can only choose individual meals when ordering a la carte.

Besides choosing your dietary preference you have the option to omit any proteins from your orders, you can ommit salads and vegetarian options, and you can even make changes to your subscription from week to week.

When setting up your subscription plan, you’ll be asked to select your diet choice. We’ll make sure every meal you receive perfectly meets your needs.

From week to week you can change the number of meals delivered. For all other changes including protein exclusions, please contact us at (760) 805-5326 or

You may skip 1 or 2 weeks of meal delivery at a time, no later than midnight Thursday for the following week. To skip a delivery, view your Account Details and click “Delivery Schedule.” You can then click “Skip” on any upcoming delivery you don’t want.

You may cancel your subscription no less than 1 week in advance. The deadline is Monday at 9am to cancel for the following Monday & Thursday deliveries. To cancel, view your account and click “Manage Subscriptions.” Under the “Actions” column, you can then Edit or Cancel as desired.

Healthy Meals, Happy Customers

“Every single meal is so good! Love the convenience of the delivery too. Best way to eat healthy. The owners are amazing too!”

Deanne G.

“We love that they're local organic, farm-to-table meals and that you can opt for going grain-free which fits with our lifestyle. We've tried other meal delivery services over the years but Farm Fresh is by far the best quality as well as the best value for money.”

Evan S.

“Farm fresh meals taste AMAZING and come ready to heat and serve. The portions are very generous! My family thanks me nearly every night for finding this place. Give this place a try – you won’t regret it.”

Alissa H.

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