All Prepared meals are delivered Monday and Thursday mornings by around 8am in North San Diego County and by around 10am throughout the rest of San Diego County. Deliveries across all of San Diego County can be as early as 5am. South orange County deliveries are completed by around 12pm. Our drivers will notify you by text upon delivery and the meals should be refrigerated within three hours of delivery.

We serve all of San Diego County with the exception of Alpine and Ramona, and now proudly serving all of Orange County.

If you have a scheduled delivery and it's been more than an hour after the time you were expecting it (see "when are the meals delivered" above) please send us a chat by clicking the 3 dots on our website, or e-mail us at support@farmfreshmeals.com. Someone will get right back with you. Alternatively you can call (760) 805-5326.

The delivery fee is $9.65 per delivery but if you order more than $109 per delivery (or about 8 meals) it's free!

Please leave the cooler bags out front on the evening prior to your next delivery. We sanitize and reuse the bags so as to reduce our carbon footprint.


Yes! You can order as you go by ordering a la carte with no commitment whatsoever. You can also subscribe to a recurring meal plan and save. With our subscription plans, the more meals you order the more you save.

When ordering a la carte the minimum order is $50 not including delivery. With subscription ordering the minimum is 4 meals per delivery.

A la Carte orders must be placed by 12pm Friday for the following Monday delivery, and by 12pm Monday for the following Thursday delivery. Subscription orders must be placed by 12pm Friday for the following Monday & Thursday delivery. Note, it is a weekly subscription.


If you place your order before 12pm Friday you will receive your first subscription order the following Monday and/or Thursday of the week your order was placed. Subscription orders placed after 12pm Friday will be received the week after the following week. For specific delivery times refer to the "Delivery" section above.

You do not have the ability to choose your own meals under a subscription plan. However the subscription meals are exactly the same as the a la carte menu items. You will receive a great variety of meals specific to the dietary preferences you set up upon placing your subscription order.

When setting up your subscription order you can choose to exclude any of the proteins: grass fed beef, free range chicken & turkey, wild isle salmon, grass fed lamb and all natural pork. You can also opt to include a salad with chicken or salmon, as well as vegetarian meals when available.

We can accommodate certain more specific dietary restrictions by noting your account on our end. For example, "no bell pepper," "no cheese," "2 of each meal," etc. Feel free to e-mail support@farmfreshmeals.com or call us at (760) 805-5326 to see if we can accommodate your needs. If your needs are too specific then a la carte ordering is for you.

We offer Chef's Choice "Classic" meals which contain some grains such as rice & quinoa. We also offer Paleo, Keto, Grain Free and Whole30 compliant meal plans whereby the grains are replaced with vegetables.

You can cancel or pause your subscription any time by logging into your account, or simply by e-mailing us at support@farmfreshmeals.com. To cancel your subcription or skip a week(s) you must do so by midnight Thursday for the following Monday & Thursdsay deliveries. Credit cards are charged after midnight Thursday for the following week's subscription deliveries.


We offer premium fully cooked meals made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. Our nutrient dense meals are crafted purposefully yet deliciously. Check out our stellar Yelp reviews and see what your community is saying about our premier service!

We use organic produce when available. Our produce is always sourced locally and never frozen. All of our proteins are hormone and antibiotic free. We use only grass fed beef & lamb, free range chicken & turkey, wild isle salmon and cobia, as well as all natural pork. We use no canola oil ever, only the good stuff!

Absolutely! All of our meals are gluten free, just about all are dairy free (except for the few that contain cheese) and many are even grain free.

The meals are good for five full days in the refrigerator. If you need to freeze them that's not a problem. For the freshest experience allow two full days to thaw in the refrigerator.

All of our meals are available in several variations whether you're ordering a la carte or by subscription. All of our meals are available in "classic," keto, paleo, grain free or whole 30 compliant variations. Note all of our paleo meals are also grain free and whole30 compliant.

Macro nutritional information for every variation of every meal is posted on the website as well as on every individual meal package. You can view nutritional information by clicking "nutrition" from any individual meal listing.

Our meals are hand crafted at our state of the art commercial kitchen in Sorrento Valley, San Diego and delivered all across San Diego & Orange County.

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