10 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Eating healthy is always tricky, but it’s even more challenging during the holiday season. Not only are homes and offices littered with sweet treats, but it is also a busy season, and you may be too tired to cook when you return home in the evening.

Although you might be busy, this doesn’t mean you should give up on your health during the holidays. Here are some tips for eating healthy during the holidays so you and your family can stay on track.

1. Eat at the Same Time You Normally Do

It can be easy to get off-schedule during the holiday season but try to eat as close to your regular mealtimes as possible. This will help keep your blood sugar steady and make you less tempted to take a bite of something you shouldn’t!

2. Offer to Host Family Gatherings

Offer to host your family at your home instead of going to someone else’s house. Hosting will allow you to control what food is on the table and ensure that some dishes are within your diet plan. 

3. Order a Meal Delivery Service

It can be tempting to swing through the drive-through after a long work day. Instead, plan to order from a meal delivery service, so you won’t need to resort to the drive-thru.

4. Keep Servings Small

Chances are you won’t be able to resist every unhealthy food this holiday season, so allow yourself to indulge occasionally. Just opt for a small portion.

5. Start Every Meal with Veggies

When you sit at the table filled with all sorts of dishes (or go to a buffet), commit to serving your first plate with veggies. This will help fill you up and may keep you from choosing the less healthy meal options.

6. Skip the Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can upset your sleep pattern as well as affect your blood sugar. It is also high in calories. Try to stick to non-alcoholic alternatives and save your indulgences for something less damaging. 

7. Eat Slowly

Take your time as you eat. Try to talk with your friends and family as much as possible so you are less tempted to eat quickly. Eating slower will help you determine when you are full so you don’t overeat.

8. Don’t Skip Meals

While it may seem worthwhile to skip a meal to compensate for overeating at another, this is not ideal. Not only will this affect your blood sugar, but you are also more likely to make poor decisions when you eat again.

9. Exchange Your Carb for a Sweet

If you know you will have a piece of pie or cake, skip your carb during the meal. This will help balance the calories and sugar while still letting you indulge!

10. Bring a Dish You Can Eat

If you are headed to a party or another event, offer to bring a dish, then make something healthy that is within your diet. A fruit or veggie tray is always appreciated.

Ready to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season?

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