What are the Top Food Trends for 2023?

  • 2 min read

Each year, we are learning more and more about the impact eating has on our bodies and the environment. As a result, attitudes and desires as we shop for food constantly change.

These food trends are significant because they affect everyone all over the world. So, whether you are interested in cutting back on something in your diet or adding a new food group, read on to learn about the top food trends for 2023. 

1. Eating Less Meat

Farming meat puts major pressure on the environment, and people everywhere find it much easier to consume less. While not everyone is going full vegan just yet, many report actively looking for ways to remove meat from their diets.

Because the demand for meat-free meals has increased, so have vegan options on store shelves. In addition, it is currently possible to get many meat substitutes that don’t contain chemicals or gluten and are simply vegetables in a new form.

2. Cuisine Fusion

As the internet takes the forefront worldwide, people are exposed to many different types of cuisine. While an individual may have once only encountered food from other countries when they traveled, people find it easier to make unique foods in their own kitchen.

Not everyone is prepared to cook a durian (Asian fruit), however. Therefore, many meal delivery companies are making fusion meals that allow you to try unique things without buying strange kitchen supplies!

3. Sustainable

Besides just eating less meat, people are looking for methods of acquiring more sustainable food and better for the environment. A good example of this is the trend of switching from cow dairy to goat dairy. 

Female cows must go through an impregnating process with frequency to produce milk. On the other hand, goats can produce milk for their entire life as long as they have been pregnant. This lowers waste and makes goat dairy more sustainable and humane than acquiring it from cows. As a result, some people choose to skip dairy altogether for a more sustainable meal. 

4. Skip the Chemicals

Not everyone can afford to eat all organic, but many people are taking the time to read the labels and putting back foods containing obvious chemicals. This trend came about as doctors noticed that disease trends followed certain artificial ingredients found in food.

So, many food companies are beginning to make their products without certain additives. This includes the beef and dairy industries which have started highlighting plant-fed and free-range products that consumers feel more confident eating.

Ready to Follow the Top Food Trends in 2023?

If you’re reading this list and think it sounds like a lot of work to read all the labels and cook sustainable food, know that many companies offer meal prep delivery that meets these trends. This way, you can enjoy healthy, organic, and artificial ingredient-free food without spending hours in the kitchen.

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