Meal Prep Delivery: 6 Reasons To Go Local

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Despite more people being home these days, cooking and expertly planning at least 21 or more meals a week can be daunting for even the most experienced home chefs. That's why we're seeing home cooks, athletes, and busy parents  turn to meal prep delivery services to ensure healthy, balanced meals they can count on without a fuss. Here's why choosing local is an even fresher and more reliable way to meet your nutritional goals and complement your busy lifestyle.

#1 - Fresher Is Just Better

When you choose a local delivery service, you can count on ingredients that come from closer proximity. That means it’s less likely your foods will have to be frozen before they’re prepared. Another bonus is that you’ll get to experience seasonal specialties in your meal options.

#2 - It’s More Sustainable

Because local meal prep delivery services partner with local farms to create delicious and nutritious meals, less food is wasted. When food is at its peak freshness, it needs to be used immediately. When a surplus of buyers is available, more food can be purchased rather than wasted or repurposed for animal feed, better sustaining local farming efforts.

#3 - You Get Reliable Service

Weather, supply chain issues, and just the pandemic, in general, have slowed commerce and regular production to a crawl, if not a complete halt, over the past few years. When you depend on a meal delivery service to eat, you can’t afford a pause in your products. When you go local, your food is made with nearby ingredients, created in close kitchens, and delivered to your door a few miles from where it all happens.

#4 - It’s A Low Carbon Footprint

Because the service is local, you don’t have to worry about the supply chain issues that have weighed on much of the other services worldwide. Additionally, shipping can have quite a heavy carbon footprint. Whether via air or freight truck, the amount of fuel necessary to travel a frozen meal to you regularly is not ideal for the environment.

#5 - You’re Supporting A Local Business

Rather than shipping your money off somewhere else, investing in a local meal prep delivery service allows you to participate in the buy-local movement. You’ll be supporting not only local farms but your local economy while you’re meeting your nutritional goals. If you’re not ready to head back out to the restaurants just yet, a local meal delivery service is a great way to get some variety in your meals and buy local at the same time.

#6 - You Get Great Customer Care

If you’ve ever tried contacting customer service from a company that’s hundreds of miles away, you may have noted that they seem less than pressed to acknowledge your urgency. Local meal prep delivery means local customer service too. If you have a problem, customer service is just as local as your ingredients are.

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