The Importance of Organic Food for Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is critical to the health of your body. But did you know that eating organic is integral to eating healthy? It’s true! Eating organic isn’t just better for the environment but also for you, the individual consuming the food. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of organic food and some tips for building a healthy diet based on organic foods. 

The Benefits of Buying Organic Food for Healthy Eating

1. Fewer Additives

One of the main benefits of organic food is putting less additives in your body. Non-organic foods are grown using pesticides and sewer sludge as fertilizer and thus often contain traces of heavy metals and toxins which your body cannot process.

Because the body is incapable of processing these ingredients, they build up in the body, leading to serious future health issues such as cancer and delayed development in children. 

2. More Health Benefits

The soil used to grow organic foods is heavily regulated, meaning the best quality soils are always used for fruits and veggies, and sewer sludge is never used as fertilizer. For meat, organic farmers often must keep their animals on a strict diet closer to their natural diet.

As a result, the end product often is much healthier for the consumer,  containing more antioxidants and omega-3s than non-organic products. Therefore, you actually get more health benefits from eating  organic foods than  non-organic ones. 

3. Less Chance of Illness

One of the lesser-known reasons to buy organic food for healthy eating is to help you avoid some foodborne illnesses. 

While it is impossible to avoid all foodborne illnesses, the animals raised under organic regulations are much better cared for and are much less likely to carry diseases. They are also fed a diet more akin to what their body needs, keeping them healthier and less likely to be sick when they are butchered. 

This means that the meat on your plate is much less likely to make you sick when it is organic than when you buy non-organic meat. 

4. Your Body Will Recognize the Food

Intolerances are beginning to run rampant in society, especially regarding dairy and gluten. Much of this is because the human body no longer recognizes the genetically engineered versions of these products and rejects them instead of processing them normally. 

Genetically engineered food is not allowed in organic farming, so when you eat an organic product, you know your body will recognize it for what it is, processing it  correctly.

Ready to Reap Organic Food Benefits?

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