Healthy Fall Foods You Should Incorporate Into Your Diet

  • 3 min read

The autumn harvest is one of the most bountiful during the year, and it should come as no surprise that these delicious fruits and vegetables come with many health benefits. 

But which ones are the healthiest? Which should you include in your diet? Read on to find out!

1. Apples

The first of the healthy fall foods to incorporate in your diet is none other than the fruit your parents once told you would keep the doctor away. Apples are loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and polyphenols (compounds in certain plant-based foods that are packed with antioxidants). Eating fresh apples in the fall can help keep your body healthy and lower the risk of deadly diseases like heart disease. 

2. Pears

Pears can sometimes be underrated—most people forget they are harvested during the fall alongside their apple cousins. Pears contain Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber—they can keep your body running smoothly and help lower your blood pressure. 

3. Squash

Fall is known for its squash harvest. From spaghetti squash to acorn squash, ensure you take the time to try all the different varieties this year. 

Squash contains vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and beta-carotene—all of which are good for your eye health and overall immunity (something you’ll want as the flu season approaches! 

4. Pumpkin

The fall season is synonymous with this round fruit (yes, a pumpkin is actually a fruit, not a vegetable!). Like squash, the orange color indicates the pumpkin is loaded with beta-carotene, promoting eye health. In addition, it contains the Vitamins A and C your body needs to promote immune health.

As you reach for a pumpkin in the store, however, go for the smaller ones, as the large ones don’t have much taste! 

5. Leeks

Leeks are a lesser-known vegetable and typically aren’t eaten on their own. They are perfect for making soups, though! 

There is nothing like a nice bowl of potato leek soup on a chilly fall evening and your body will benefit too. Filled with kaempferol, lutein, and zeaxanthin—antioxidants that will help keep you healthy and may even fight against age-related illness. 

6. Brussels Sprouts

Once a heavily hated food by children everywhere, brussel sprouts are beginning to make a comeback in recipes. Harvested in the fall, these veggies must be prepared properly otherwise the results are disastrous. 

If you can figure out the proper method for roasting them, brussel sprouts truly are a hidden fall gem packed with the best antioxidants and plenty of fiber. 

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, while tasty year round, are the most nutritious in the fall when they are in season. From Vitamin A to C and fiber, you can get a large portion of your daily values of these vitamins from a single sweet potato. 

Be careful, however, because packing these potatoes with brown sugar and butter, as is common around the fall holidays, will ruin the nutritional value.

Ready to Eat Some Healthy Fall Foods?

Overall, it can be difficult to know when to buy foods and how to cook them to get the most nutrition. Eliminate the guesswork and order meal prep delivery to ensure you are always getting fresh, seasonal food cooked in the most nutritious methods! 

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