6 Smart Whole30 Meal Prep Tips

  • 3 min read

Whole30 is more than just an elimination diet; it is also an exercise in mindfulness. For 30 days, you focus on the most basic self-care: how you eat and the effects your food choices have on your physical and emotional health. Whether this is your first Whole30 challenge or a regular part of your lifestyle, you can make this month a success with these six Whole30 meal prep tips to keep you on track.

1. Clean Your Kitchen

If the next month means no dairy, grains, alcohol, beans, added sugar, or preservatives, you may want to start with a kitchen detox. It can be easier to follow a Whole30 meal plan if you remove temptations from your home. Pass them off to a friend or donate unopened nonperishable foods to a local food bank.

2. Know the Basics

You do not want to spend the next 30 days wondering if what you are eating is Whole30-compliant. Do your research before you start to understand what foods are allowed and which should be eliminated. Be aware that reading food labels is going to be part of your grocery shopping trips, and familiarize yourself with ingredients so you can identify and avoid hidden sugars and preservatives.

3. Schedule a Whole30 Meal Prep Day

Pick a time to do your prep work, both for planning and cooking your meals for the week. The more you have planned out, the better able you can be to handle hunger and cravings when they occur. Have two to three recipes in mind for each meal to last for a week, or cook meat, poultry, and veggies in bulk and use them in different combinations to have some variety. Alternatively, consider Whole 30-friendly meal prep delivery to save on time, money, and energy preparing the meals.

4. Keep It Simple

Avoid the temptation to make every meal an elaborate dining experience. Unless you have lots of time to devote to cooking every day, plan for meals that are easy to put together and heat up. Even better, set up Whole30 meal prep delivery and let someone else do the work for you. The time you save in planning, shopping, cooking, and storing can be worth the expense of having it delivered right to your door.

5. Plan for Hunger

Any time you change your eating habit, you can expect to have some cravings or hunger that may be unbearable until your next meal. Having appropriate snacks on hand for those moments can help you stay focused and not give in to food lust. Cut-up veggies, fruits, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and sugar-free jerky or meat sticks are all easy to take with you to work or the gym.

6. Reward Yourself

If snacks or sugary treats were the mainstays of your reward system, rethink your incentives. Perhaps a massage or facial can be the pay-off at the halfway mark, or a new book or movie night may be the motivation for a challenging few days.

The more work you put into your Whole30 prep before you begin, the easier your month of detox can be. If Whole30 meal prep delivery sounds like the best route for you, contact Farm Fresh Meals to learn about our options. We make the most of organic, locally sourced foods for meals that are packed with only the good stuff.