5 Benefits of Organic Meal Delivery

  • 2 min read

When you’re busier than ever, a healthy meal prep delivery service can help reclaim some of your precious time while keeping you fueled for action. Farm Fresh Meals brings local, organic meal delivery to San Diego and the Orange County area. There are five big benefits you’re missing out on if you haven’t signed up for the a la carte service or a meal plan subscription yet.

More Flavor

Organic food tastes better. Thanks to the lack of additives and stabilizers, organic foods retain their whole-food, nutrient-dense value. According to consumers, one of the primary reasons for switching to and staying with organic food is the better flavor profile. Bigger flavors with fresh taste are available in every option in the delivery service thanks to the way the ingredients are sourced locally and organically.

More Sustainable

Sourcing from local farms has more than one benefit. Farm Fresh Meals also supports the local economy by gathering ingredients for the organic delivery service from local farms and food sources. By subscribing to the organic meal delivery service, you are also supporting the local economy and helping to support small farms and their sustainable practices for the future. When we say that we’re here to provide a farm-to-table experience, we mean it.

No Hormones

Whole food is perfect just the way that it is. Fresh, organic food with no additives or hormones tastes better and doesn’t make you feel wary about what’s inside. We supply only clean, organic meals with none of the other stuff.

No Prep

You can sign up for a la carte options to supplement a routine you already have in place, or you can sign up for a more robust organic meal delivery service.

The a la carte delivery service does not require a subscription, and you can simply take a look at current menus and add your choices to the shopping cart. Even though a la carte is not as tailored as the subscription meal plan, many meal options will match your needs because they're prepared with varying diets and lifestyles in mind.

Choosing an organic meal plan subscription service saves you money and it's easy to do. You share your delivery and dietary preferences, and the meal service takes care of the rest.

No Worry

Farm Fresh Meals uses organic, additive-free ingredients from small farms and supports the local economy. We have options of a la carte (check out both our Monday and Thursday menus) or organic meal delivery subscriptions to match your needs. To find out more, contact us today.